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Decorating your home with the use of thrifted or upcycled furniture and home accessories.

A large watercolour poster of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest play, at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin.

My Buys: Framed billboard art

I’ll be honest, I didn’t buy this poster. I blagged it. Blagging is a necessary skill to have if you ever want to get your hands on unique finds like this original show poster from the Abbey Theatre. Some years ago, I was walking down Dublin’s Parnell Street when I saw a van parked outside the Abbey sticking posters on the wall when instinct struck Read more…


Project: A chalkboard with magnet-ude

I first saw images of chalkboard walls a few years ago and thought they were wonderful for kid and adults alike, as well as easy and cheap to replicate but I was renting at the time so didn’t give the idea much consideration.

It was years later that I saw a tin of Rustoleum Magnetic Chalkboard Paint (€26) in a local DIY shop when an idea popped into my head.  Read more…

Indoor cacti planted in a green ceramic pot and a quirky baby head vase

Project: Planting mini cacti

I have killed every single plant that has entered my home, bar a determined little ivy currently in the bathroom (I think there are some little green fingered elves hiding behind the sink looking after that one).

Despite this sad fact, I am always tempted to re-attempt some greenery in my home – plants really do add life to a room. Read more…

Project: The beauty of bare wood

Last year I was trawling though my mums attic (the BEST thrifting spot in Ireland) and came across a crusty wood and porcelain bathroom set that I planned to paint and use temporarily in my bathroom until something better came along. I soon discovered, after some generous sanding, that it was solid mahogany. Read more…

Project: My thrifted gallery wall

Like many other things in Interior Design, ‘Gallery Walls’ are a passing fad. But I’ll be sticking by them. You see, I am an avid hoarder of paintings, pictures, prints, photographs, illustrations and all things frame-able, so with a mounting collection, and a few bare walls, I decided to air out a few of my favourites and get them up on display. Read more…