Project: A chalkboard with magnet-ude

I first saw images of chalkboard walls a few years ago and thought they were wonderful for kid and adults alike, as well as easy and cheap to replicate but I was renting at the time so didn’t give the idea much consideration.

It was years later that I saw a tin of Rustoleum Magnetic Chalkboard Paint (€26) in a local DIY shop when an idea popped into my head. My little man is an art machine and I struggle to find ways of displaying it all. By painting the door in the playroom/office I could create an adaptable gallery space as well as a wipe clean blank canvas. Once I painted the door (five coats later including the primer – ouch) I added magnetic tape to the back of large wooden pegs I had picked up in Tiger last year (€2 each) – et voila! – a dedicated art wall for the little man of the house. Needless to say he loves it.

First art on display is two lino prints created at a kiddies print class at the local art college, initiated by Limerick Printmakers and the Lifelong Learning Festival. The theme? Printing money. A theme we can all relate to.



Printing ‘money’ with the Limerick Printmakers, using a 100+ year old press at Limerick College of Art and Design, now proudly displayed on the little mans chalkboard art studio.




  1. Great idea for a creative lil one! I would love to do the same for my three year old, but I’m worried he will draw all over the walls and not stick to the chalk board.

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    1. Alexia McInerney

      Haha true! I spent a little extra on my wall paint so that it is washable just in case!


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