Indoor cacti planted in a green ceramic pot and a quirky baby head vase

Project: Planting mini cacti

I have killed every single plant that has entered my home, bar a determined little ivy currently in the bathroom (I think there are some little green fingered elves hiding behind the sink looking after that one).

Despite this sad fact, I am always tempted to re-attempt some greenery in my home – plants really do add life to a room. Plus I have managed to accumulate quite a few thrifted vessels over the years that would be best served with a plant or two in them. Namely this quirky little ceramic vase in the shape of a baby’s head that reminds me of those rather strange phrenology heads from the early 19th century (and still reproduced to this day). I picked this one up in a London second hand shop for a couple of pounds. Having tried various small plants in it to no avail, I eventually cottoned on to the beauty of cacti – small, low maintenance and very pretty too. Fingers crossed I don’t kill this one!

A quirky ceramic vase depicting a baby's head found in a London second-hand shop and planted with a mini cactus.

Get more upcycling inspiration on the Rough House Style Cacti and Succulant Pinterest board here.

All photos by Alexia McInerney


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