Shop Guide: The Alternative Furniture Store, Limerick

I only stumbled on this lucky dip of a store when visiting the Ballysimon car boot sale – its in the same retail park. It’s large enough to hold a wide range of different pieces for all tastes, including plenty of second hand new-ish pieces for those who want modern on a budget and even a room-load dedicated to pieces for upcycling. As always I made a beeline for the early-mid 20th century stuff, and today there was plenty.

I had a few favourites but, alas, no need for them in my home. The solid butcher block pair are a novel design that would suit a country cottage kitchen, quite fitting considering the were originally used to pack butter. Alternatively they would sit nicely on either side of a deep sofa with two rustic lamps on top and still plenty of space for a mug of tea.

The brass nesting tables and matching coffee table are an Art Deco dream and just dying for a polish and a modern interior to make them shine. The Scandi-style dining chairs will look equally gorgeous in a modern interior.

I was surprised by the level of refurbishment and upcycling in the store, its not something I usually come across in these type of shops. For example, they work with a local artist for the painted pieces and are currently sawing small tables in half to create sweet radiator covers/hall tables.

The Alternative Furniture Store is run by Art and Des, who are always on hand to advise on potential upcycling projects or each piece’s heritage. They know their stuff, which means prices can be higher than usual thrifting spots, but ultimately you get what you’re paying for – but don’t forget to haggle!


Antique chairs awaiting upcycling at the Alternative Furniture Store Limerick.


Upcycled vintage kitchen butcher blocks with drawers originally used by a local butter maker. Both were painted in-house. A refurbished solid wood kitchen trolley in the background features wire pull out drawers.

The Alternative Furniture Store, GarryGlass IndustrialEstate, Ballysimon Road, Limerick, 0858490655

All photos by Alexia McInerney


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