Shop Guide: Lucky Lane, Limerick

I grew up in North London in the 90s and made regular weekend trips to the rag-taggle Camden Road Market. Already in the throes of development, the further along you travelled towards the Stables, the more quirky uniqueness you would find. These days it is best avoided during the day, bar for the throngs of determined tourists, so it was with absolute joy that I saw the opening of indoor market Lucky Lane on Limerick’s city centre Catherine Street a few years ago, which epitomises the indie spirit of Camden Market’s Stables all those years ago.

I was dubious about the longevity of such an enterprise in Limerick, but almost three years later it’s still going strong, which is as much a testament to the owners Mark and David, as it is to the eclectic stock. Both are passionate about music, antiques and art, giving it an air of legitimacy despite its shabby chic interior. It has that coffee shop appeal that makes you want to linger and soak up the atmosphere (unlike Limerick’s first Starbucks that just opened a few doors down).

Today I bought a 1982 published Willo the Wisp annual from a pile of other nostalgia-inducing comics, despite my four year old’s protestations (he wanted Thundercats). I explained that it wasn’t for him but for me. It’s rather strange cartoon, voiced by Kenneth Williams no less, and I loved it – still do. Check out the video below.

LuckyLane (9)

Mark Sheehan of indoor market Lucky Lane, Limerick.

LuckyLane (3)

The bright entrance to the Lucky Lane indoor market, Limerick

LuckyLane (8)

A Willo the Wisp annual! This one came home with me. Check out the ORIGINAL first episode below, voiced by the brilliant Kenneth Williams.

Lucky Lane, 9 Catherine Street, Limerick,,
All photos by Alexia McInerney


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