My Buys: Form, function and vintage ceramics

Every year I visit the graduate show at my former stomping ground Limerick College of Art and Design. Although I studied fashion, the exhibition I most look forward to viewing is the ceramicists’. Their work is the perfect marriage of form and function and there is something so inviting about handmade pottery. Every year I am inspired by the innovation on display and it’s easy to see how this discipline is part of the Design school and not considered to be just a craft.

In saying that, I have no issues with buying mass produced ceramics, especially when they hail from the mid-century. I actively use all of my thrifty kitchen finds but they’re just so much more appealing when they display this level of quirkiness. While many branded dinnerware collections are highly sought after and can get hundreds at auction, my only prerequisite is that it has to be if some use. And the fact that no one else in Limerick seems to share my fascination with this corner of the market, I got all of these thrifty finds for less than a fiver each. Bargain.


It seems every house in 1960s America had one of these kitsch nut bowls. Now I have one too! Bought in an east coast American thrift market for $2, signed ‘Doravis 1960’, and now home to my son’s sweetie stash.


My favourite piece, the Art Deco inspired ‘Dub-L-Dekr’ teapot by British manufacturer Heatmasters, c. 1950. Stew your tea in the top half and pour boiling water in the bottom to keep your tea warm. The crackled glaze (or ‘crazing’) just adds to its vintage charm. Bought at the Ballysimon Car Boot for €1.


From the ‘Aquarius’ series of decorative dishes by Washington Pottery, Staffordshire, c.1970. I spent €3 on the pair.

Click here to see more inspirational ceramics on the Rough House Style Pinterest board

All photos by Alexia McInerney


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