Project: Pallet frames and vintage ads

I’m not quite a hoarder but there is one thing that I can’t throw away and that’s found art. Postcards, flyers, posters, magazine pages, sketches, paintings, if I like what I see it joins the stash in the cupboard waiting for the perfect frame to bring it to life.

I picked up a bundle of 50s McCalls women’s magazines while in America and plundered all the most attractive pages, selling a few at markets and online (including an amazing fashion spread by Diane Arbus before she found fame for her photojournalism). But I just couldn’t be parted from these two.

Featuring two happy characters, they are, rather strangely, advertising tights. And there’s a whole menagerie of them! Birds, bunnies, worms, goats and more, for some reason Hanes stockings kept on commissioning this delightful series. They were illustrated by the American artist Vladimir Bobri, who unsurprisingly also illustrated children’s books.

I was determined to get these guys out of storage and onto my walls but just didn’t have the budget to get the frames they deserved. But one day while at work I was breaking up a redundant pallet box and out fell these two plywood reinforcements. So with the help of some leftover mounting board and a staple gun, I had created this unique (and completely free) wall art before the day was even out.


Vladimir Bobri’s pallet framed ad art hanging above my bedside table. The curtains, side table, headboard and lamp are all thrift finds.



Some of Vladimir Bobri’s quirky ads for Hanes Stockings, circa 1960.



  1. pretty great images and i LOVE how they are framed!


    1. Alexia

      Thank you! Definitely not something I could’ve planned for but I saw an opportunity and I ran with it! I also love the glass sheet and duck tape frame idea-I might give that a go in another post so watch this space!


  2. […] thrifted picture frames can create a completely unique piece of art. See my own framed vintage ads here. A botany and anatomy inspired plate and art wall, in a minimalist space. Blue plates […]


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