Project: My thrifted gallery wall

Like many other things in Interior Design, ‘Gallery Walls’ are a passing fad. But I’ll be sticking by them. You see, I am an avid hoarder of paintings, pictures, prints, photographs, illustrations and all things frame-able, so with a mounting collection, and a few bare walls, I decided to air out a few of my favourites and get them up on display.
I’ve a small house so curating a select few to grace my walls was out of the question which is why a gallery wall really is the perfect solution.

I started with a sweet car boot find – a large Margaret Keane inspired print of a doe eyed girl – but it was the painted wood and hessian frame that attracted me (and at €5, it the price too).  I kept my eyes peeled at the local car boot sales for complementary pieces and dug up: another  Keane style illustration (€1); a big gilt starburst mirror (€6), and some gold frames (50c each) that I used with two Geisha postcard prints by the artist Ai Yamaguchi.

Hanging it all:
Now that I had chosen all the art for my gallery wall, I had to figure out orientation and how to get them up there! First I laid them out on the floor and decided what goes where. I kept similar colours and shapes apart and left the edges unsymmetrical so I can add to my gallery later on.
I started the hanging with the largest piece so any subsequent errors would be marginal (I have a tendency to not mark anything out first – bad mistake!). I suspect the walls of my house are made out of diamonds as it is so hard to get anything into them, including a masonry drill bit, so I used generic steel-pin plastic hooks that are easy to use (you just need a hammer) and leave very little damage to the wall. If you are renting your home there are a ton of products available that leave no damage to walls – check out the very good (but expensive) range by Command Hooks, available in most hardware shops.
If you are hanging something heavy, you will need to use wall plugs, which takes quite a bit of equipment and strategy, so I will discuss in another post!


The gallery wall occupies the oddly placed chimney flue in the corner of my bedroom. Photo: Alexia McInerney/RoughHouseStyle



Using tones of teal, yellow/gold, neutrals and an accent of pink for my gallery wall.

Click here to see more eclectic gallery wall inspiration on the Rough House Style Pinterest board.

All photos by Alexia McInerney.





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  1. […] Picture frames. The one item that I will invest time in upcycling, as they can be so expensive when bought new. A multitude of sins can be hidden behind the frame, such as duck tape and staples. Even a lack of glass wont stop me. I occasionally pick up a replacement sheet from Duggan’s Glass in Limerick but for the short term its not really required. I love when the mount board is still intact as this gives the new print a great finish. Otherwise mount board can be picked up cheaply at any art suppliers. See some of my own thrifted picture frames here. […]


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